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Small Diameter Timber Product Development

Many Idaho forests are overstocked with small diameter trees that are creating a fire hazard.  Finding uses for this resource that will make a buck is a challenge.  When Intermountain Woodworking Inc. moved into a business incubator building in Council, Idaho they were looking to fill market niches, grow their business and create local jobs.  One idea researched was how to turn cheap supplies of small diameter timber into something valuable and marketable.

When they discovered a market niche in molding, wood flooring and paneling that could be met with local small diameter timber, they asked the West Central Highlands RC&D Council to help finance re-tooling to produce a saleable product.  The company purchased a 7-head molder, planer, straight-line saw and kiln with the grant funds.  The company is currently expanding into a larger building to accommodate the new production line and the kiln.  With the new product capability the company was able to successfully bid a local job in motel construction, providing all the major woodwork moldings as well as much of their custom made wood furniture.  So far 3 new jobs have been created by this project and it is just a start for the company who plans to expand further.

Ken Roberts, of Intermountain Woodworking, operates the straight-line
saw to produce a finished board for cabinetry production.