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Mores Creek Floodplain Restoration Project

Phase I of the Mores Creek Watershed Project provides a demonstration of a variety of techniques to treat streams impacted by historical mining.

The Mores Creek site is highly visible to Idahoans and is very representative of what large tracts of the western landscape silently endure.

The beauty of the Mores Creek project is the simplicity and functionality of its design.  Large landscapes that have been impacted by legacy mining cannot be returned to pristine conditions.  But there can be a diamond found in the rough.  To stretch our dollars as far as possible, the project design focuses exclusively on the riparian zone.  Treatments have been applied based on decisions to increase the projects' footprint systematically.  Work can be replicated downstream, as more grant funds and land owner participation is secured.  With a sound recovery design that concentrates on functionality, large sections of a stream can be restored successfully over time.


  • Phase I was completed ON TIME and under budget!
  • A total of 9 large woody debris and boulder fish structures.
  • Serves as an OUTDOOR CLASSROOM.
  • 600 young Idahoans have participated in the project so far.